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Welcome to the Car Repair Plan

The Car Repair Plan allows you to shield yourself from unexpected repair costs by providing a free, easy and flexible way to budget for car servicing and repairs.

We know that running your car is an expensive proposition - and if you have a number of cars in your family, the costs just spiral. You need to be able to budget for the costs of regular maintenance and perhaps even a little extra "rainy day" fund for those unexpected costs.

The Car Repair Plan, provided by the Independent Garage Association, is the answer. It allows you to save as much or as little as you want on a regular basis to ensure that you always have the funds available to pay for the service and repair of your car - and other vehicles in your family. You add a set amount into your account every month, and you can alter the payment or take a break at any time, or when you feel you have built up enough of a fund. Of course, you can view your balance online at any time too; the scheme is entirely flexible.

When you take your car into a participating Trust My Garage member, you can choose to use all or some of your account balance when settling the bill. The process is simple and straightforward, and there are no extra costs or hidden charges.

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