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How it works

If this is your first visit, click on the “My Account” button on the menu to your left to register and set up your account. Use the same button to securely access and manage your account in future. If you have a temporary card, please register this and a permanent card will be sent to you in the post.

You do not need a temporary card in order to register a Car Repair Plan account. If you do not have a temporary card, simply leave the “Temporary Card Number” field empty. You will still receive your permanent card(s) in the post.

Once you are part of the plan, you can manage every aspect of your account from the portal. You can set up or modify your Direct Debit here and monitor all the transactions on your account. You can add or delete the registration numbers of vehicles that you want to be covered by the plan, and set individual transaction limits for each vehicle. You can also order additional membership cards for other members of your family.

Your monthly direct debit can be as much or as little as you like, and you can start and stop payments at any time to suit your own circumstances. Once you have built up your fund, it remains available to you at any time at a participating garage. You may not make individual withdrawals from your account, but you may close your account at any time.

Each time you use your Independent Garage Association Car Repair Plan to make a payment or part payment for goods or services at a participating garage you will be asked to sign the invoice to authorise the payment and you will also receive an email to confirm that the money has been deducted from your plan.