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Terms and Conditions

​The full terms and conditions are displayed below - you can also download a PDF copy by ​clicking here​.

About The Plan

1. This car repair and service savings plan (“the Plan”) is operated and offered to you by The Independent Garage Association (“IGA”). IGA is a trading division of The Retail Motor Industry Federation Limited (“RMI”). Your contract in respect of the Plan is with RMI.

2. The Plan is administered and managed by RSM 2000 Limited (“RSM 2000”) for and on behalf of RMI. Your payments will be kept in a trust bank account held by RSM 2000 in favour of RMI and allocated to your account (“Account”).

3. These terms and conditions govern our respective rights and obligations in respect of the Plan and set out the terms of the contract between us (i.e. RMI) and you.

4. To sign up for the Plan, you must accept these terms and conditions. You may do this in one of three ways:

a. By signing up for the Plan online yourself  by following the link to the secure portal from; or

b. by giving your completed registration form (including direct debit mandate) to a participating Garage. This indicates your acceptance of the Plan terms and conditions and constitutes your irrevocable instruction to the relevant TMG Garage to sign you up to the Plan and create your Account; or

c. by sending your completed registration form (including direct debit mandate) to us at the address given below. This indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions and constitutes your irrevocable instruction to us to sign you up to the Plan and create your Account.

5. You are not eligible for membership of the Plan unless you are a UK resident aged 18 years or over. By signing up to the Plan, you confirm you fulfil these criteria. However, you may allow additional cards on your Account to be issued to people who do not fulfil these criteria.

6. The funds in your Account can only be used at participating Trust My Garage member outlets (“a TMG Garage”). A list of participating TMG Garages can be found on this website. Trust My Garage is a consumer code scheme for independent garages and you can find more information at .

Your Car Repair Plan Card

7. Following your successful registration as an Account holder, you will be sent a permanent car repair plan card (“Card”). Please note it may take up to 4 weeks from sign up until you receive your Card.

8. Cards (including Temporary Cards) are not a method of payment. They are merely an indicator of your membership of the Plan and your Account details.

9. As an Account holder, you are entitled to additional Cards as required, typically to enable another family member to utilise your Account. Additional cards can be obtained by making a request on the secure online portal from which you manage your plan.

10. Cards are personal to the registered Account holder and their family members who have been issued with a card. You as the Account holder are responsible for the use and safeguarding of all the Cards registered to your Account. We accept no responsibility for any losses you suffer as a result of the unauthorised use of a Card (including Temporary Cards) linked to your Account due to your failure to safeguard any Card.

11. If any Card linked to your Account is lost or stolen, you must inform us without delay. We will disable your your Account and issue you with a replacement. If your Car Repair Plan Card is damaged we will issue you with a replacement Card but your Account will not be disabled.

12. We accept no liability for lost, stolen or damaged Cards. We are not responsible to you for any loss arising from any card holder on your Account failing to ensure the security of either their Cards, the Account or any details relating to the Account.

13. Cards are issued by and remain the property of RMI and we reserve the right to withdraw, decline or issue a new card without notice or giving reasons.

Savings and Payments

14. The Plan enables you add savings to your Account ("Savings") subject to a maximum Account balance of £2,000.

15. Savings are collected by direct debit from your bank account on the 3rd of each month (or if that is not a day when banks in England and Wales are usually open for business, on the next business day).

16. Where an attempt to collect Savings from your bank account fails, you will be notified and no Savings will be added to your Account for that month. Where a Savings collection attempt fails, your payment for that month will be bypassed and we will attempt to collect your usual single payment the following month in the normal way (unless the failure is due to the death of the Account holder, the cancellation of your Account or cancellation of the direct debit in which case no further collection attempts will be made). If we are unable to collect your Savings for three consecutive months, your Account will be deactivated and you will have to reactivate it yourself by accessing your Account online at

17. You can carry out a balance enquiry by visiting

18. You should inform the IGA Garage prior to work commencing on your vehicle that you wish to utilise funds in your Account to pay (or part-pay) for the work done on your vehicle. The IGA Garage will provide you with an estimate of the charges for the work and upon your authorisation, earmark those funds for payment. The estimate is not a guarantee of the final charges for work done on your vehicle or that the work done will be covered by the funds earmarked.

19. No funds will be taken from your Account until you indicate you accept the work done on your vehicle by signing the acceptance form which will be provided by the IGA Garage. This will usually be a copy of your invoice. Once you have accepted the work, funds will be drawn from your Account.

20. We reserve the right to request additional funds from the Account holder where payment to a participating IGA Garage has been authorised by a cardholder on the Account which subsequently cannot be fulfilled due to the application of another direct debit indemnity claim raised on the Account which leaves insufficient funds to satisfy the authorised payment.

Your Account

21. As the Account holder, you are responsible for making sure that all of the information we hold about you is complete, accurate and up to date. You must inform us of any changes to your details (e.g. name and address) which can be done by logging into your Account by following the link on

22. You must ensure that you keep your Account updated with the registration number of all of the vehicles that you wish to be covered under the Plan. This is an essential feature to keep your Account secure. Failure to maintain this information could result in you being unable to utilise the funds in your Account to pay for car repairs or servicing as and when you envisaged.

23. You may cancel your Account at any time by writing to us at the details provided below, subject to a restriction on cancellation for two months after any change to your name, address or bank account details. On cancellation of your Account, any remaining credit balance of your Account will be returned to you by direct credit to the bank account stated in your most recent direct debit mandate within 14 days of our receipt of your cancellation request. Where we have been notified of a new address or bank details of the Account holder just prior to the cancellation request, we reserve the right to carry out additional checks on the authenticity of the cancellation request, prior to repaying the balance held in your Account.

24. In the event of death of the Account holder, we will, subject to receipt of a satisfactory written application from the executor of the estate accompanied by a certified copy of the death certificate, grant of probate and any other document that we may reasonably specify, arrange for the return of funds standing to the credit of your Account to the estate.

25. In the event of 5 years inactivity on your Account, the Account will be automatically closed and we will retain any funds remaining in the account.

Events outside our control

26. We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under this contract that is caused by any act or event beyond our reasonable control, including failure of public or private telecommunications networks (“Event Outside Our Control”).

27. If an Event Outside Our Control takes place that affects the performance of our obligations under this contract:

a. our obligations under this contract will be suspended and the time for performance of our obligations will be extended for the duration of the Event Outside Our Control; and

b. we will use our reasonable endeavours to find a solution by which our obligations under this contract may be performed despite the Event Outside Our Control.

How we use your Information

28. We will use the details you have provided on your application form to contact you via post, email or SMS to keep you up to date with information about the scheme. We WILL NOT share your personal details with third parties, other than RSM 2000.

29. We will also use any information you provide to us together with details on how you use your Card and your Account to help manage the scheme and improve the way we run it, understand motorists' maintenance habits and improve our service.

Limitation of Liability

30. You acknowledge that the Plan has not been developed to meet your individual requirements, and that it is therefore your responsibility to ensure that the facilities and functions of the Plan and the operation and management of your Account as described in these Terms and Conditions and at meet your requirements.

31. We only provide the Plan for domestic and private use. If you use the Plan for any commercial or business purposes we will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity.

32. We are only responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breach of the contract with you but we are not responsible for any unforeseeable loss or damage. Loss or damage is foreseeable if it is an obvious consequence of our breach or if they were contemplated by you and us at the time you signed up to the Plan.

33. Our maximum aggregate liability under or in connection with this contract (including your use of any services available under the Plan or in connection with your Account) whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall in all circumstances be limited to the value of the permanent loss or reduction of funds in your Account caused by the relevant breach.

34. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit or exclude our liability for:

a. death or personal injury resulting from our negligence;

b. any legal rights you have as a consumer

c. fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or

d. any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by English law.

Intellectual Property Rights

35. You acknowledge that all intellectual property rights in the Plan, its technology and the web portal to your Account (“Web Portal”) anywhere in the world belong to us or our licensors, and that you have no rights in them other than the right to use each of them in accordance with the terms of this contract.

36. You acknowledge that you have no right to have access to the Plan in source-code form.

37. You must not

a. use the Plan or the Web Portal in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose, or in any manner inconsistent with this contract, or act fraudulently or maliciously, for example, by hacking into or inserting malicious code, including viruses, or harmful data, into the Web Portal or any system connected to the operation of the Plan, your Cards or your Account;

b. infringe our intellectual property rights or those of any third party in relation to your use of the Plan, your Cards or your Account;

c. transmit any material that is defamatory, offensive or otherwise objectionable in relation to your use of the Plan, your Cards or your Account;

d. use the Plan, your Cards or your Account in a way that could damage, disable, overburden, impair or compromise our or RSM 2000’s systems security or interfere with other users;

e. collect or harvest any information or data from the Plan our systems or attempt to decipher any transmissions to or from the servers facilitating the operation of the Plan, your Cards or your Account or those of others.

Other Conditions

38. We may amend these terms and conditions at anytime. All changes to the terms and conditions shall appear on this website and you will receive an email notifying you that changes have been made.

39. We may withdraw the Car Repair Plan Card Scheme at any time but will give you reasonable notice of any such withdrawal to give you the opportunity to use your Savings at a participating TMG member prior to such withdrawal.

40. We reserve the right to take any appropriate action deemed necessary where there is reasonable belief of:

a. any abuse or attempted abuse of the Plan;

b. any breach or attempted breach of these terms and conditions; and/or

c. any behavior that involves theft, misconduct, abusive or offensive behavior, or supplying false or misleading information.

41. The provision of the Plan, as well as the contract formed by these terms and conditions are subject to English law. You and we irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts to resolve any disputes that may arise in respect of them.

Who We Are and How to Contact Us

1. The Independent Garage Association Car Repair and Service Savings Plan is operated and offered to you by RMI. Our the contact details are:

By telephone: 0845 305 4230

By post:

IGA Car Repair Plan Customer Services

2 - 3 Allerton Road



CV23 0PA

By email :

2. The Car Repair Plan Scheme, is administered and managed by:

RSM2000 Ltd,

Wrest House

Wrest Park



MK45 4HS

(registered address 16 St Cuthbert’s Street, Bedford MK40 3JG)