Bentleys Garage Brookwood Ltd

333 Connaught Road, Brookwod, Surrey, GU24 0AD
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    • 85
    This is a friendly and efficient family business which I would strongly recommend. Reviewed: May 17, 2022
    • 90
    We were pleased that they did an excellent job and surprised us by how quickly they did so. Service was friendly too. Reviewed: May 11, 2021
    • 70
    Very good - l checked just out of interest other garages to compare the cost of new headlights which l wanted fitted, and Bentleys were very competitive + they fitted quality products. Having said that, l would not have trusted anyone else to touch my car. They had recently undertaken a major repair to my 1996 car 120,000 plus car and bought it back to life. I was so happy with the car and knew it would be worth the new lights and was reliable for driving to and from work + reliable for work. They cleaned my old lights with a speacil solution to show me l had life in the old lights - to make sure l did not waste my money, l confirmed that l wanted the new lights, we all agreed the car is looking and running just brilliant. I do a lot of night driving of the beaten track at times, so l use a very good garage and spend the money they save me by doing the serving correctly on the car, which makes it last and run well. As a family we have been customers for well in excess of ten years. Big thank you. Brilliant team of people. Reviewed: April 30, 2018
    • 80
    As a family with three cars we need to know we can trust our garage to do the work undertaken correctly, mindful they are keeping us safe while driving. We don’t have unrealistic expectations, but we do need them to work effectively and with consideration that we need peace of mind, when up early or out late in all weathers. We have never regretted giving our complete trust to Bentleys Garage, better think a head and have your care serviced by the, if you want your driving experience to be one reliable “ A to B “ driving. They undertake to do the work required - they do more in the time they charge than other garages and only charge for the quote, if not sure about how long it will take, you know before hand. They are the real deal - we still pull our hair out about the life before finding this brilliant group of people, hence the positive recognition in this feed back. Thank you very much for over ten years care and consideration. My own mileage in this time, not including the rest of the family is approximately 230.000 miles. They have a high level of engineering / techcal background and therefore the relevant knowledge to perform complex and involved investigation / repairs or provide advice that might be hard to hear, regarding the condition of your vehicle. Reviewed: April 30, 2018
    • 85
    Excellent service, only garage I'll trust with my camper, will explain any work they are doing, and very fair with their prices. Excellent knowledge of their trade. Customer service is second to none. Will use again and again. Thanks guys. Reviewed: April 17, 2018
    • 85
    Always so prompt, reliable and completely transparent. No job too big, too small or too much trouble. Reviewed: April 10, 2018

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